iLLBillY HiTEC - Reggaetronics
iLLBiLLY HiTEC is a Berlin based band who started tweeking the knobs and experimenting with LIVE drum/ LIVE Vocals performances in 2010. They juice up reggae, electronics and blending influences of dub, breakbeat, hiphop and jungle.

Live drums, electronic sounds, heavy offbeats and selected samples chosen from reggae classics team up with live vocals, to create a one of it´s kind performance. Their first EP "BadBoyBass", a few 7" vinyl releases and growing feedback on their concerts in Europe, India, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia etc. - made iLLBiLLY HiTEC become the most interesting newcomer of it´s genre from Germany.

Even SEEED, the biggest name on the german reggae market, just picked their style for a remix of the latest single "Augenbling". With their new release "Reggaetronics" they´ll be touring around the Globe in 2013. The album "reggaetronics", which includes guests such as Cécile, Lady N, Tribuman, Emanreo, JahJahman and Dactah Chando. MC Longfingah (who also has released with Dubmatix and Mungos HiFi) one of the most talented reggae singers in Germany is turning the album and their shows into a electronic Reggae sonic with splendid Vocal impressions...!

Title: "iLLBillY HiTEC - Reggaetronics"
Artist: iLLBillY HiTEC
Format: CD
Catalogue: Echo Beach CD090
Release date: February 2013

CCD/digital download: (14 tracks / playtime 53:53)


01. The Trip ft. Longfingah

02. BadBoyBass ft. Longfingah

03. Split Tongue ft. Longfingah & Tribuman

04. Rebel Style ft. Longfingah

05. Higher Calling ft. Longfingah

06. Keep On Rolling ft. Longfingah & Zhi

07. Skylarkin ft. Longfingah & Emanero

08. Manos En El Aire ft. Dactah Chando

09. All That I Have ft. Longfingah & JahJah Man

10. State Of Emergency ft. Longfingah & Lady N

11. Nuff A Dem ft. Longfingah

12. Chant ft. Cécile

13. Nasty Cheesy

14. East To West ft. Longfingah