Babylon 23 - Bibel In Dub

Babylon 23 - Bibel In Dub


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DATE : April 23, 2021
FORMAT : (CD & Digital)
PLAYTIME : 9 tracks – 79:23 Minuten playtime

Babylon 23 - Bibel In Dub

April 23, 2021


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The Bible in Dub ... admittedly sounds a little bit like “Lord of the Rings in folk” or the “prisoner's choir of Nabucco in flamenco” ?! No - not entirely, of course. We at “echo beach” also had our association gaps!

Well, it's about the following: the book of books, translated into all languages and scripts or non-languages of this earth (spoken language, braille), crossed with the music of the music (dub - the descendant of German brass music ...?!) that is how it is written from now on, that is how it will be handed down.

The music of resistance, reggae - its variety of dub - in the sense of the disproportionality of all its facets, mirrored in the apocalyptic events of the day, the just and the judged with the book, which wrote such ideals on the banner and enjoyed the claim at the time …

A document of contemporary history, brought into the contemporary light by means dub ... authentically recorded in the media. Observations, emotions and sensory perceptions are to be understood in the context of "beauty in the eye of the holder". Moral comments welcome, but completely hopelessly surrendered to autonomy.

It can be more ephemeral than watching a wolf howl with to conjure up the letter combination of the Jesus family tree or to infiltrate the sound of a dissolving aspirin tablet with the reverb spiral of a King Tubby Echo loop ?! Does it also make sense to bring the Faith Healer's sequence lines to life with the Gospel of Luke? A limited time travel through the Bible with the sense of direction of the "23" and Babylon ... in the development of its word dynamics.