Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubsessions

Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubsessions


  1. Dubvisionist, PFL – Skylarkin Lounge
  2. Dubvisionist, PFL – Going Underground
  3. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Markus Dassmann – Out of many
  4. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Betty LaGachette & Cpunkt SteinSchneider – Only Dub
  5. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Nitai Gunamani – The Lone Ranger
  6. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Michaela Brixton – Searching for the Magic Frequency
  7. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Jah Nubis – Long Reasoning Dub
  8. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Clockwerk – Tranquil
  9. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Markus Dassmann – Black Nile
  10. Dubvisionist, PFL feat. Nitai Gunamani – Yoga Secret

Release Details

DATE : May 28, 2020
FORMAT : (Album)

Dubvisionist presents PFL Dubsessions

May 28, 2020


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The Studio M7 is not only the home of Dubvisionist with its classic reggae and dub mixes, but also the refuguim of PFL, which emerged from the triphop/lounge project Pre Fade Listening. PFL makes music for the more chilly moments of life and for the nightly cult TV series "Spacenight" of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, known beyond the borders of Germany, with its images of the earth from space, accompanied by spherical music. In this tradition, the two approaches of PFL and Dubvisionist merge into this album. The Basic trax were recorded by the M7 Allstars, various guests were invited for the overdubs and all is mixed by the Dubvisionist.