RUDE BOY – Pump Up The Volume &  Superstylin

RUDE BOY – Pump Up The Volume & Superstylin # Remixes



  1. Pump Up The Volume (Chassy Remix)
  2. Pump Up The Volume (Delaypilot Jungle Refix Remix)
  3. Pump Up The Volume (Robo Bass Hifi Remix)
  4. Pump Up The Volume (Rob Smith aka RSD Remix)
  5. Pump Up The Volume (Rob Smith aka RSD Instrumental Remix)
  6. Pump Up The Volume (Rob Smith aka RSD Dub Remix)
  7. Superstylin (Delaypilot Roots Dub Remix)
  8. Superstylin (Robo Bass Hifi Remix)
  9. Superstylin (Rob Smith aka RSD Dub Remix)
  10. Superstylin (Rob Smith aka RSD Remix)

Pump Up The Volume
Written by Steven Young & Martyn Young. Published by MNS Music LTD. / Universal Music Publ.

Written by Thomas Charles Findlay, Paul Graham, Michael Daniel, Jonathan Leroy White, Keeling Myers Lee, Andy Cato. Published by BMG Rights, Warner Chappel, Sweet Left Peg Ltd., Copyright Control.

Release Details

DATE : August 06, 2021
FORMAT : (Digital)

RUDE BOY – Pump Up The Volume & Superstylin # Remixes

August 06, 2021


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At the risk to give „superprojects“ a good name; British born and Brooklyn – New York based music composer, producer and writer LEE GROVES teamed up with Jamaican – Kingston based singer KARDI TIVALI to become „RUDE BOY“ !

LEE GROVES & KARDI TIVALI made it happen and they formed a highly reputated dubdance flash of two classics. That expired remixers to put hands on the mixing desk and make their own version of these two dance anthems

Rude Boy’s cavernous excursion into deep dance a dub, with a chill and bubble-soul goes into perfection @ PUMP UP THE VOLUME (a cover of the old classic one from M/A/R/R/S – 4AD Label fame...)

RUDE BOY’s handling of this mission has been exemplary: the productions are pleasingly individualistic, retaining plenty of originality and professionalism without seeming stoic, dull or contrived. Watch this space to see where RUDE BOYS’s mission is blasting from the state of art ... and for the REMIX contest rollout !