Umberto Echo - The Name Of The Dub Umberto Echo - The Name Of The Dub

Tracklist CD /Digital

  1. Mellow Mood - Dat's Me (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  2. Sista Gracy feat. Sugar Minott - My Praises (Umberto Echo Remix)
  3. Iba Mahr - Travellin' Dub (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  4. Splendid - Drop (Umberto Echo Remix)
  5. Dubmatix feat. Eek-A-Mouse - Pull Up Selector (Umberto Echo Remix)
  6. K-Jah feat. Runkus - Run (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  7. Dub Inc feat. Tarrus Riley - No Doubt (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  8. Sara Lugo feat. Protoje - Really Like You (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  9. Jahcosutix feat. Horace Andy - Strong Man (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  10. Dactah Chando - Predicalo (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  11. House of Riddim feat. Keishera - Got To Put Me First (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  12. The Senior Allstars feat. Tokumbo - I Dare You (Umberto Echo Extended Dub)
  13. Dub Syndicate feat. U Roy – Dub I S All I Got (Umberto Echo Mix)
  14. Jamaram - Roots Dubwise (Umberto Echo Dubmix)
  15. Tackhead - War (Umberto Echo Dubremix)
  16. iLLBiLLY HiTEC - State of Emergency (Umberto Echo Remix)
  17. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - 24H Race (Umberto Echo Mix)

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DATE : October 30, 2015

Umberto Echo - The Name Of The Dub

October 30, 2015

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Umberto Echo is a Munich-based (music) writer, (dub) professor, (sound) hermeneut and multi-instrumentalist. Umberto Echo seizes the raw musical backbone of a riddim – specifically reggae – and uses it to generate multifaceted dubs in the studio as remixes or LIVE tracks.

In the past he has worked as a sound engineer for Jahcoustix, Jamaram, Headcornerstone, DS & TH, Dub INC, and has produced international reggae vocalists and deejays such as Alborosie, Junior Kelly, Luciano and Luton Fyah, as well as remixing a host of artists, including Gentleman, Seeed, Steelpulse, Sly & Robbie, Damian Marley, Stereo MCs.

Nestling between digital echo chambers and analogue tape loops, his aim is to hop between Duke Ellington and King Tubby, opening up a new musical cosmos and consensus in the process. This is something he achieved with his albums DUB THE WORLD, DUB TRAIN, ELEVATOR DUBS – and it’s a feat he has effortlessly and emphatically repeated on the new album, THE NAME OF THE DUB. As with his previous releases, the decisive characteristic of the new album is the breathtaking international class and quality of the fundamental tracks, which is studded contributions from French Dub Inc. or Splendid from the Netherlands, or House Of Riddim or Horace Andy or Eek-A-Mouse or, or, or…!!! The album features a high carat line-up and not only scores points for providing an extra helping of bass, but also flirts with pop, danceability ... and format art.

The new album THE NAME OF THE DUB, which is released on Echo Beach, showcases UMBERTO ECHO as a sound manipulator, sitting cross-legged on a bass speaker, a man who operates the mixing desk, software and outboards with just as musical virtuosity as he plays keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. While Umberto Eco tries to explain the world in his novels, monographs and essays, there is only one true language for Umberto Echo: to dub the world. KILLA – this is how contemporary pop music should sound: not for hipsters - but exclusively for those who have always been hip.