Dactah Chando - Sabiduria Dactah Chando - Sabiduria


  1. Justicia Es Paz
  2. Mantente Firme
  3. Sabiduria
  4. Vampiro
  5. Natty
  6. Predicalo
  7. El Diablo
  8. Venganse Pa' Ca
  9. Dat Day
  10. Woman Escuchame (Guido Craveiro Mix)
  11. Ningun Hombre (Guido Craveiro Mix)
  12. Yo (Umberto Echo Mix)
  13. Ningun Hombre (Rob Smith aka RSD Remix)
  14. Woman Escuchame (Rob Smith aka RSD Drumbass Remix)
  15. Little Romance
  16. Yo Dub (Umberto Echo Dub)

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DATE : November 8, 2013

Dactah Chando - Sabiduria

November 8, 2013

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Dactah Chando is back down on Echo Beach. The daydreaming surfer from the island of Tenerife is up on his board, aiming to make tall waves in the reggae ocean.

His first album, "Clara" (Clarity) which was produced by Guido Craveiro (who also worked with Seeed, Dellé, The Police In Dub, I Don´t Like Reggae Concept album), was released in May 2011 and had the potential to become a summer hit. The single off the album, also called "Clara", received extensive airplay and featured heavily on the playlists of Funkhaus Europa, N-Joy and WDR 1 amongst others. Chando masterfully combined salsa muffin and international, high class reggae with a generous helping of pop and his own distinctive Canario style. "I don't copy Jamaica; I sing about my own lifestyle and with my own rhythmic feeling, both of which are definitely from here and quite unmistakably linked to the Canary Islands."

The new album "Sabiduria" (Wisdom) sees Dactah Chando again electrifying listeners with his striking and authentic vocal style. His voice captivates with its endless positive energy and the lively, colourful stories he tells.