Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - The CLASHification of Dub Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - The CLASHification of Dub


  1. Guns Of Brixton
  2. Lost In The Supermarket
  3. This Is England
  4. Train In Vain
  5. The Call Up
  6. Armagideon Time
  7. Rock The Casbah
  8. Bankrobber
  9. Magnificent Seven
  10. Police and Thieves
  11. London Calling
  12. Should I Stay Or Should I Go

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DATE : February 25, 2011
CATALOGUE : Echo Beach CD081

(limited edition of 1234 CD copies worldwide)
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(12 tracks - 62:44 minutes playtime)

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(8 tracks - 42:32 minutes playtime)

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - The CLASHification of Dub

February 25, 2011

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"THE CLASHification Of Dub" is Dub Spencer & Trance Hill's fourth and strongest album to date. In 2010 the Swiss musicians released "Riding Strange Horses" which explored the borderline between pop songs and reggae grooves, encountering several guest vocalists along the way. In contrast, the new album focuses fully on their core competence: instrumental, psychedelic dub.

As their basic material the band took twelve songs by The Clash, which they then pushed through their dub FX and Roland Echo Space mincer until they were barely recognisable. Here and there, a tune pops up, or you hear a familiar bass line or the melody of a chorus. These scant original elements acted as a source of inspiration for the new compositions, all of which bear the unmistakable signature of Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. Each track radiates the skill and enthusiastic musicianship of these excellent instrumentalists.

A warm, deep bass line and the playful reggae drum grooves are the foundation, on top of which a laid-back organ and guitar gently waft. Analogue delays and lashings of reverb meander through these soundscapes. The sparse arrangements have an incredible pull.

The twelve tracks were recorded live in the studio, creating an authentic sound strongly reminiscent of productions from the 1970s. A highly addictive album!

"THE CLASHification Of Dub" is the fourth release on ECHO BEACH, the Hamburg-based label (Jan Delay, Seeed, Steward Copeland etc.) and the Swiss musicians have become one of the most successful bands on the cult label's roster. The list of guest vocalists on "Riding Strange Horses" (2010) is impressive: Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Ken Boothe, Robin Scott, John Savannah, Martha Johnson, The Ruts, Grauzone and William White. The album received lots of airplay all around the world and made it to number 2 in the US college radio charts. In Berlin, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill played a live concert for the German public radio station RBB.

Following gigs at Germany's major festivals, Summerjam, Chiemsee Reggae Summer and Fusion Festival, a further highlight was the concert at the Télérama Dub Festival in Paris last November.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill will be going out on tour with "THE CLASHification Of Dub" through Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

An album of increadible beauty and power smart and contemporary DUB!
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill´s vision of cult is unique; it is alchemy, prophecy, acoustic ecology in a magical timeless atmosphere!