M&M - Echo Beach - (30th Anniversary Remixes) Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Riding Strange Horses


  1. The Man With The Harmonica (Ennio Morricone)
  2. London Calling (The Clash)
  3. Echo Beach feat. Martha and the Muffins (Martha and the Muffins)
  4. Jeanny (Falco)
  5. Eisbär feat. Grauzone (Grauzone)
  6. When I Fall In Love feat. Ken Boothe (Dub Version) (Ken Boothe)
  7. Smoke On The Water feat. William White (Deep Purple)
  8. 25 Years feat. The Catch (The Catch)
  9. West One (Shine On Me) feat. The Ruts (The Ruts)
  10. Stop Bajon - Primavera feat. Lino Mandato (Tullio De Piscopo)
  11. Enter Sandman (Metallica)
  12. Mama (Genesis)
  13. Pop Muzik feat. Robin Scott (M)
  14. Blackboard Jungle feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry (Lee "Scratch" Perry)
  15. The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes feat. William S. Burroughs (W.S. Burroughs)
  16. When I Fall In Love feat. Ken Boothe (Radio Version) (Ken Boothe)

Release Details

DATE : January, 2010
CATALOGUE : Echo Beach EB071
(16 tracks - 74 minutes playtime)

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Riding Strange Horses

January, 2010

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"Riding Strange Horses" is the name of the third album by the space cowboys, and it sees the four Swiss musicians herding together a pack of very strange steeds indeed, and then proceeding to ride them in time-honoured rodeo tradition. The strange horses come from famous stables (Falco, The Clash, Genesis, Deep Purple, The Catch, M, Tullio De Piscopo, Grauzone etc.) and have notched up umpteen top-ten hits over the past three decades, albeit in disciplines that have about as much in common with dub as the forlorn pink rocking horse has with the dust-dry desert.

Dry-as-dust humour dominates the choice of tracks: monumental pop classics, schmaltzy rock ballads and grimy hits - the stuff that our teenage dreams were made of. The tracklist is heavy on school party classics and cult hits - all lathered up and shaved in the best dub style! Dub Spencer & Trance Hill obviously have a love-hate relationship with many of the original versions, underpinned with a certain covert admiration. With their usual microscopic attention to detail they hammer and chisel out their own versions, applying with incredible consistency their unique magic to each track and infusing it with their distinctive irony and sarcasm. The result is an eloquent answer to the authenticity debate currently raging in the European reggae scene.

The aim was to keep the vocals as authentic as possible, and so the band did the obvious thing and contacted the copyright holders: their version of the 1984 British chart hit "25 Years" by The Catch (which made it into the Swiss top ten) features the original vocals by John Savannah. The soul reggae classic "When I Fall In Love" brings in the master and composer himself, Ken Boothe, and for the new wave hits "Echo Beach" and "Pop Muzik", Martha Johnson from Toronto and Robin Scott from London rerecorded their vocals. Naturally, it wouldn't be the same without Dub Master Lee "Scratch" Perry - who actually resides in Zurich! His inimitable voice crowns a version of his own manifest "Blackboard Jungle". More local vocal power comes courtesy of William White, one of the most soulful voices in Switzerland; he sings the classic Deep Purple track "Smoke On The Water".

The album also contains a genuine scandal song, even though the scandal occurred a few years ago: in spring 08 Dub Spencer & Trance Hill posted their version of "Jeanny" on the web to mark the anniversary of Falco's death. Back in the day, the original was banned from German television after a week of tumultuous protest. The Austrian radio station FM4 discovered the new version of the song and put it on rotation.

Fired by the same fighting spirit of the duo they named themselves after, the Swiss band have transformed each track into an ital karaoke version with a heavy dub feel. Displaying incredible marksmanship and punch, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill beat their cover versions into submission and then bring them back to life, sparkling with wit and groove. Familiar old hits are distilled down to their very essence and are reborn in truly great new versions!