A sonic assault of thundering drums and bass, Burning Spear-styled horns capped with rock-solid, head-nodding grooves that attack all the senses, Dubmatix unleashes his third disc "Renegade Rocker".

Hailing from Toronto, Canada Dubmatix a one-person musical factory operation who performed, wrote, produced and mixed the entire LP from his basement crypt aptly named The Dub Factory. On the heels of his previous & critically-acclaimed chart-topping releases "Champion Sound Clash" (2004) & "Atomic Subsonic" (2006) comes his latest epic LP "Renegade Rocker".

Dubmatix continues to challenge himself by pushing the envelope off creativity with this - his finest album yet - another bass-heavy adventure in reggae & electro-dub. This time on "Renegade Rocker" his guests include reggae luminaries - Grammy Award winning Michael Rose, 80s Dancehall icons Sugar Minott & Pinchers, God Father of Rocksteady Alton Ellis, super-producer and 70s hitmaker Linval Thompson, the voice that ushered in the digital King Jammy reggae sound of the mid-80s and one the most versioned reggae song of all time Wayne "Sleng Teng" Smith, Willi Williams whose "Armagideon Time" anthem still resonates with reggae fans 30 years later , U-Roy prodigy and one of today's most revered Toasters Ranking Joe, alongside local homegrown Canadian talents Raffa Dean, Ammoye and Kulcha Ites.

In August 2007, after spending 3 months touring Europe, Dubmatix returned to Canada and began work on the 3rd release "Renegade Rocker" by contacting some of the artists who influenced his sound as a youth, artists that created and defined what reggae is today - in each case these pillars of reggae were more than enthusiastic and eager to collaborate. The result - "Renegade Rocker" spans 4 decades of Jamaican musical culture from 60s Rocksteady grooves, to 70s King Tubby dub, conscious roots vibes to early 80s Dancehall, along with new updated modern electro-dub sounds. "Renegade Rocker" offers reggae listeners the opportunity to hear the evolution of the reggae - 40 years of growth and development from some of the artists whose music became the defining sound of their times and helped usher in the next stages and evolution of reggae that have come out of Jamaica since the 60s.

From Linval Thompson's opening plea of "Peace & Love" and majestic horns that immediately capture your attention to the lightening-fast toasting of Ranking Joe on the appropriately titled "Tornado". The cool and smooth groove of "Easy Down" featuring Black Uhuru's Michael Rose to the explosive & thundering "Burning Fire Dub" or the condemnation of violence on "Re-Action" featuring Willi Williams to the final and 16th track, the uptempo ragga/drum & bass song "Push" featuring one of Toronto's up and coming artists Ammoye. No matter where you "drop the needle" on "Renegade Rocker" each song is different and an unexpected musical journey across the history of reggae and it's many and varied textures.

Dubmatix has been involved in music from his early childhood on the road and in studios with musician and father Bill King whose career spans 5 decades. King's roles have ranged from Musician, Arranger, Producer and Musical Director for some music's most well known artists Janis Joplin, Martha Reeves, Pointer Sisters and many more. In the early 70s - King was keyboardist with a local reggae group that included Everton "Pablo" Paul who immigrated from Jamaica to Toronto alongside one of reggae's most well-known writers, arrangers and keyboardists - Jackie Mittoo. It was this group and meeting with Paul that would define and shape the music that Dubmatix would produce years later. Paul provided the "key to the city" of dub by lending Dubmatix his first and life-shaping LP "King Tubby meets The Rockers" in the 80s. Since that time - Dubmatix has never looked back and has held an affinity for Dub music and it's various incarnations since. Pablo "Everton" Paul is also one of the members of the late 60's reggae band "The Cougars" featuring Jay Douglas, Wayne McGhie, Jackie Mitoo - managed by the late Karl Mullings. These members appear on the Light In The Attic release "From Jamaica to Toronto" that stormed the retail and radio charts in 2006. In this small world of music - Dubmatix collaborated with Karl's daughter and 2008 Juno Award Nominee Tanya Mullings on her latest release "Music Is My Life".

To date Dubmatix has released 5 CDs and has been involved on 17 additional releases remixing and collaborating along with several compilations released across Europe, North America and Japan.

DISCOGRAPHY 2004 - Champion Sound Clash
2006 - Atomic Subsonic
2007 - Dubmatix meets Howie Smart
2008 - Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke Factory - digital only release
2009 - Renegade Rocker

"Dubmatix, one man with a relentlessly inventive approach to reverb, rhythm, and reggae - the Primary colors on any dub producers palette. On "Renegade Rocker" he works with vocal legends such as Linval Thompson, Alton Ellis and Sugar Minott to create an album of deep authentic, glass-rattling dub platters"
iTunes USA July 2008

Dubmatix's new disc, Renegade Rockers, is without a doubt the most star-studded Canadian reggae album of all time. David Dacks - Exclaim! Magazine

"Canadian producer, Dubmatix, creates some of the freshest reggae around. What's so fabulous about the outing by Dubmatix out of Canada is he's taken dub & reggae and pushed the envelope in a creavtive sense and taken it to another's like a brand new break through"
Dermot Hussey XM Radio "The Joint"

"My vote for Reggae Album of the Year" Under the cool moniker Dubmatix, King has just released Renegade Rocker, a record packed with 16 rib cage-rattling blasts of authentic dub, classic reggae and electro-dub. The musicianship and production is stellar, and the contributions of reggae legends Michael Rose, Sugar Minott, Alton Ellis and Willi Williams make this disc even more essential.
Errol Nazareth - The Toronto Sun & CBC Radio "Big City Small World"

4 Stars & Critics Pick - NOW MAGAZINE Toronto
"This time Dubmatix lays down another tight, well-produced collection with guest appearances by Alton Ellis, Sugar Minott and Ranking Joe."

"One of the best makers of Dub in this Country"
Garvia Bailey - CBC Radio Canada

The BEAT Magazine - New "Renegade Rocker" Review Toronto's Dubmatix do it right on Renegade Rocker, a full-throttle set of upbeat, positive reggae with tight riddims, inspired dub effects, sweet horns and guests galore. Ranking Joe (with two excellent contributions, "Tornado" and "Give Thanks and Praises"), Linval Thompson ("Peace and Love"), Michael Rose ("Easy Down"), Pinchers ("Rock And A Hard Place"), Alton Ellis (on the superb "Blessing Of Compassion"), Sugar Minott, Willi Williams, Wayne Smith and more pack these hardcore roots riddims with energy and powerful performances and the dubs make it clear the disc would sound great ever if there were no guests. An excellent set from beginning to end.
Chuck Foster - The BEAT Magazine (Vol. 27 No. 3 2008 Oct/Nov)

Format: CD
Catalogue: Echo Beach CD070
Release date: (09.01.09)
(18 tracks - 77 minutes playtime)

01. Peace & Love
02. Tornado
03. Dub In Me Hand
04. Subdub
05. Easy Down
06. Rock And A Hard Place
07. In The Ghetto
08. Blessing Of Compassion
09. Happy Dub
10. Burning Fire Dub
11. Re-Action
12. Give Thanks & Praises
13. Idacity
14. Soul Dread Dub
15. Steppa Shock Dub
16. Push
17. Dread Reckoning Dub
18. Depth Charge

Renegade Rockers Tour 2009

6 Nov - Amsterdam, Noorderlicht
7 Nov - Lisbon, Portugal - Bauhaus
10 Nov - Nantes, FR - Scène Michèlet
13 Nov - Hazebrouck France - SHAKA LAKA
14 Nov - Kassel, Germany - k19
20 Nov - Berlin, Germnay - Calabash
21 Nov - Hamburg, Germany - Knust
24 Nov - Nancy, France - Le Hublot
27 Nov - Montpellier, France - The Secret
28 Nov - MJC la Passarelle, France
2 Dec - Prague, Czech Republic - Cross Club
5 Dec - Bruxelles