KING SIZE DUB VOL.69 - 15 years of Dubspin...!
The current release of King Size Dub, volume 69, is another impressive display and another last one in the series - of how a musical style has progressed. Dub as a style with all its reference points between commerce and innovation. The subtitle "file under logical dubgression" shows the way and the track listing fulfills all expectations. The variety of styles (reggae, soul, pop, dancehall, trip hop, dope beats) is the pivot for more "logical dubgression" with all the usual - and some very unusual - suspects of the remixer and artist set. CD for a very special low budget price.

Title: KING SIZE DUB VOL.69 - 15 years of Dubspin...!
Artist: VA
Format: CD
Catalogue: Echo Beach (EB073 )
Release date: May 2009
( CD - 15 tracks - 77 minutes playtime)

1. M&M - Echo Beach (Go Home Productions Version) # 4:49
Mark Viddler from London and well know for his bastad POP success and excess with Debby Harry and The Doors - Rapture Raiders on EMI Records !!! Mark Viddler and GO Home Productions was keen in doing a dub version of the Martha & The Muffins classic ECHO BEACH.

2. Deepchild feat. Andy B - Racist Friend 4:29
Deepchild are from Australia and they are doing a cover from the THE SPECIALS mega track Racist Friend. What an anthem and what an excellent version they have created will you realise when you listen to the megatrack in the car...!

3. Dubmatix feat. Linval Thompson - Peace & Love 4:36
Jesse King from Canada is doing the most up to date DUB sound nowadays and his new album Renegade Rocker is a masterpiece. Peace & Love with Linval Thompson on vocals is a good taster and a brilliant track.

4. Junglehammer vs. Daktari - Live and Let Dub 3:41
Junglehammer vs Daktari are also from Australia and they have created a WINGS track...??? or a BEATLES track...??? hhhm... the vocals and instrumentation are very impressive and the vibe is full of wings dub..;-)

5. Smoke - Addicted 4:35
These Italian band is the most powerfull nd impressive Reggae with Soul vibe we had for ages from this country. Soulfull roots with vocals which reminds us on the early Horace Andy....! Check it Out.

6. The Ruts DC - Accusation (Ruts DC & Steve Dub Remix) # 4:41
Another old classic tune from the eighties... Accusation by Ruts DC. The rhythm section of Ruts DC (Dave Ruffy and Segs Jennings) and Steve DUB (Chemical Brothers programmer) turned the old tune into new life. Brilliant work and from the forthcoming album...Ruts DC - Rhythm Collision RE>>Loaded.

7. International Observer - House Of The Rising Dub # 8:00
You remember the THOMPSON TWINS...? They had big hits in the 80´s and one of the guys (Tom Bailey) is a dub nerd and tweaking the knobs to fanstastic dub sessions and tracks. Can you dig it...?

8. Dubxanne - Walking On The Moon 5:53
One of most spectactular Dub projects from 2008: Dubxanne and their covers of The Police most related reggae tracks. Come in and find out... the walking on the moon in dub...!

9. Dubvisionist - Private Life # 5:33
Also a full time classic: Private Life by Chrissy Hynde and the PRETENDERS. Well done by the Dubvisionist and inna Pop goes Dub style....!

10. Sam Ragga Band - Why Dub 4:49
Jan Delay´s old and long time backing band are back with a couple of DUBs...! Why Dub...??!!!

11. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Jeanny # 5:42
DS & TH from Zurich in Switzerland with a powerfull dub version of Falco´s Jeanny. Tastefull and splendid what the guys have created on this mega anthem.

12. Dubblestandart & Lee "Scratch Perry" Perry - I do Vodoo (Dub) # 5:54
Dubblestandart freom Vienna with a taster of the upcoming album with Lee Perry and Ari Up. "I Do Vodoo" inna special DUB Version. Look out for the new album.... coming soon.

13. Dub Syndicate - Struggle (Pre Fade Listening Remix) 3:44
Music lovers should know exactly what the meaning is with DUB Syndicate. One of the biggest acts in the Dub world and Struggle is a remix by Pre Fade Listening of the 10" version years ago on ON-U Sound... not really exclusive for KSD but exclusive in taste and execution.

14. Sugar Sugar - Telephone Dub # 6:05
From Paris and one member from SEVEN DUB ... shaking the old wave band Telephone (DUB) to the new edge of experience. What a nice vocal & guitar flavour is coming through...!

15. Ari Up vs. X.A. Cute - Me Done # 5:04
X.A. Cute are from Berlin and their industrial dub groundfloor brings Ari Up´s (The Slits) ME DONE to a new and impressive flavour. Well Done.

# = Exclusive and unreleased...!