FLOX - Homegrown & Bonus CD FLOX - Homegrown & Bonus CD

Tracklist CD / Bonus Album

  1. Flox - Drum and Bass
  2. Flox - Drum and Bass (dub)
  3. Flox - Killing U and Me
  4. Flox - The Words
  5. Flox - Slow Down
  6. Flox - Playground
  7. Flox - The Dromz
  8. Flox - No Words
  9. Flox - Bob K
  10. Flox - Man 2 Man
  11. Flox - All Must Disappear (original version)
  12. Flox - Higher Man
  13. Flox - Like Us All
  14. Flox - Right Here

Release Details

DATE : June 24, 2016
FORMAT : DOCD Only (limited edition of 999 copies)
PLAYTIME : 24 tracks - 117 minutes playing time

FLOX - Homegrown

June 24, 2016

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Anglo-French artist FLOX has been sowing his “NU REGGAE “ seeds for years now in venues all around France, and a new genre has sprouted, somewhere between roots reggae and electro.

Deeply influenced by the Jamaican Culture, from LKJ to The Police, to the more modern Fat Freddy’s Dop, FLOX now delivers his 5th album : HOMEGROWN.


Even though the 4 previous albums already perfectly encompassed the richness and diversity of FLOX’s universe and personnality, HOMEGROWN takes us to a more intimate place, closer to his state of mind, revealing his endeavour to remain genuine regardless of the cost, to follow his gut without compromise. More than « do-it-youself », HOMEGROWN conveys a « do-it-for-yourself » message, in which the final more genuine fruit is to be shared all around.


FLOX fans had been warned : “next one will be 100% « Nu Reggae » !“

Pursuing a very eclectic 8 year solo career FLOX returns with a solid album, in which the warmth of his voice and the depth of his lyrics never betray an unswerving reggae atmosphere, thereby fulfilling his promise.

„The Homegrown album comes along with an exclusive bonus CD for he ECHO BEACH“

HOMEGROWN - Tracklisting

This song is about men. Not mankind, plain men, those who clutch the reins and have always made a mess of things. It might be time to let women have a go, don’t you think ?

2. « TIGHT »
We are promised a better life, we believe that everyone can make it, finally take off and fly. So we hang in there, we work hard and commitedly, only to find our feet never leave the ground.

Doing it ourselves, to our own satisfaction. Crafting the best we have inside before sharing it with others. That’s what HOMEGROWN is all about.

You can chill out or dance to this melody. It sounds sunny, and yet it’s less and less easy to find happiness in these times. You only need to look at the surrounding misery. So let’s just stay positive and find our own balance.

5. « TIME’S UP »
This idealistic song speculates on a dream world emancipated from preconceptions and beliefs, in which one day a child would grow, free to choose his own path.

In order to survive people sometimes have to compromise, and artists are not exempt of this harsh reality !

7. « A ROAD »
The most optimitic song on the album ! “Everywhere I row, everywhere arrow, everywhere I row, I find everywhere a road.“

8. « IT’S THE ONE »
A tribute to all those who help in building an artist’s success but are never acknowledged as such. The essence of this song might be found in J.K. Simmons’s speach at the 2015 Oscar awards.

9. « THE COLOR »
Trust is a treasure we must learn to cherish, and finally sharing it with a child is a form of magic that must be tended to every day.

10. « CUT IT »
This instrumental tune is to remind us that we must sometimes strive to break away from influences in order to write our own story. All we need is the right tool !