iLLBiLLY HiTEC - Reggae Not Dead iLLBiLLY HiTEC - Reggae Not Dead

Tracklist CD /Digital

  1. Conscious Dub 2:17
  2. Reggae Not Dead feat Longfingah & Ceshire Cat 3:28
  3. Bubble feat Longfingah & Paco Mendoza 3:42
  4. Head Up feat Lonfingah & Tribuman 3:59
  5. Pas d' Problème feat Tribuman & Lengualerta 3:08
  6. Chase feat Longfingah & Kinetical MC 2:54
  7. World Wide Fantasy feat Daman 3:49
  8. Essencial feat Lonfingah & Lengualerta 4:08
  9. Combinacion Andina feat La Yugular 3:55
  10. Talking Everyday feat Longfingah & Tribuman 3:47
  11. Suena feat Sonido Satanas 4:06
  12. Bonus

  13. Reggae No Murio feat Lengualerta 03:26
  14. Hoppedi feat Benjie 03:26
  15. Friday Session feat The Hempolics 03:33
  16. Reggae Still Alive feat Don Caramelo 03:31
  17. Plus

  18. Bubble - JStar Remix 03:10
  19. Head Up - Zion Train Dub Mix 03:59
  20. World Wide Fantasy - Krak In Dub Remix 03:19
  21. Pas d' Problème - Fleck Remix 04:19

Release Details

DATE : November 23, 2015

iLLBiLLY HiTEC - Reggae Not Dead

November 23, 2015

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iLLBiLLY HiTEC’s electronic tinkerings and styles have carved a swathe straight through the middle ground of the “sophisticated” modern reggae prevalent on the German scene, replete with hipster beards and Fred Perry caps. The band’s strange-sounding name sparks a vision of a “what the fuck” attitude, and it manifests itself in the mind with its formidable, sweet-sounding mellifluous sounds. The mix is an intoxicating loop with sound sketches borrowed from reggae into which pseudo-spheric elements from breakbeat, hip hop and pop have been absorbed to weave masterful club dub.

"Reggae Not Dead" is iLLBiLLY HiTEC’s return after their debut album “Reggaeetronics” in 2013 and after lengthy tours with hundreds of shows in Europe and Latin America. While "Reggaetronics" celebrated a fusion of reggae with electronic elements, this time the Berlin band focuses on old-style reggae but interpreted for the modern age. They grab reggae by the root to conjure up a varied mix of roots, digital, hip hop and dub. Singers Longfingah and Tribuman, who also joined the band of tour, feature on the album, as well an international cast consisting of Paco Mendoza, Lengualerta, Daman, Kinetical and Ceshire Cat, who round off the album with their English, Spanish, French and Patois lyrics. As a bonus there are four remixes by J*Star, Zion Train, Krak In Dub and Fleck, as well as a riddim selection with versions by Don Caramelo (Raggabund), Lengualerta, Benjie and The Hempolics from London. The album comes with 19 tracks that prove that reggae from Germany is anything but dead – in fact, it is more popular than ever!