Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Return of the Supercops Sista Gracy - Yardy


  1. Koteja
  2. Brazzaville
  3. Liberte
  4. Coco
  5. Kemba
  6. Samburu Sunset
  7. Gong Rock
  8. Franco
  9. Serengeti Long Walk
  10. African Dream
  11. Gong Rock (Dub Version)

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DATE : September 23, 2007
CATALOGUE : Echo Beach CD064
(11 tracks - 57 minutes playtime )

Sista Gracy - Yardy

September 23, 2007

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SISTA GRACY is back - just like the old Jamaican saying goes: "De older de moon, de brighter it shine!"

Back in December 2005, Jamaican-born SISTA GRACY, who originally hails from St. Mary, Jamaica, and moved to Germany in 1985, created a stir when at the GERMAN REGGAE AWARDS in Hamburg she won the REGGAE QUEEN title - together with Zoe and Lilian Gold (the first three places..!!! ) ahead of a whole host of young up-and-coming Reggae stars.

SISTA GRACY was born to music and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she lived and breathed music when she was a child. In the 60s and 70s her mother and father made a living by touring around the villages on Jamaica's north coast with their sound system. Her mother was the selector and her father the MC. Gracy was very young when she got to try out the mic for the first time! With a background like this, it's no surprise that SISTA GRACY has a reputation as Germany's only authentic and true artist. SISTA GRACY is right at home with all the different music styles of the Caribbean, but has a particular affinity for reggae. She effortlessly switches between singing, singjaying and deejaying, and from roots to dancehall. Her lyrics are conscious, she sings about love, the injustice of life, her belief in the greatness of Jah - but she also sings about the many beautiful, colourful things in this world.

In 1985, Stewart Copeland released his first "official" solo album, "The Rhythmatist" under his own name. The album introduced Copeland's ideas for "unreleased" Police songs to a wider audience. For the album he produced songs and tunes for his self-produced feature film "The Rhythmatist". A "musical world music pilgrimage" through the African continent, authentically interpreted in superb songs and combined with his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and his affinity for rhythms. The album features the Zairian singer Ray Lema, whose vocals harmonise with the individual beats and the spirit of the album, and particularly so on the single "Oh Koteja".

Reggae has always been a very male-dominated business, with women usually limited to sex-symbol and background singer status. SISTA GRACY's musical background stands in stark contrast to this: a talented percussionist, together with her husband, a bassist, she played in the backing band Herbman Band before becoming the front woman in the 90s. They released several albums and 12"s before SISTA GRACY with Ragga Fränkie and the Herbman Band set off on an extended German tour. In 1994 SISTA GRACY was invited to perform at the world-famous and highly prestigious Reggae Sunsplash Festival in Jamaica, making the Herbman Band the very first German band to play to Jamaica's discerning festival audience.

After a prolonged family break from the music business, SISTA GRACY started recording the new album "Yardy" in 2005. The name "Yardy" expresses a certain groundedness and her strong bond with family and traditions, all of which is very strongly reflected in the spirit and the aura of the new album. In addition to collaborations with Gentleman, Sugar Minott, Dr. Ring Ding, Ragga Frankie and Mephisto, the new album is one highlight from start to finish. Split into three parts, dancehall, roots and dub, "Yardy" features a complete SISTA GRACY showcase and neatly covers all the relevant sub-genres for reggae lovers. After a ten-year break SISTA GRACY seems stronger and fresher than ever. SISTA GRACY doesn't need to hide from all the newcomers - she comes on with the energy of a true newcomer herself !