Various - Viva Con Agua De Sankt Pauli Various - Viva Con Agua De Sankt Pauli


  1. Witte XP - FC. St. Pauli (von wegen Westerland)
  2. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Trance On Hill
  3. The Ruts - Babylon´s Burning (Apollo 440 Remix)
  4. Yabby You - Conquering Lion (Smith & Mighty Rebel Sound Remix)
  5. Seven Dub - Running Away (Noiseshaper Remix)
  6. Carl Douglas vs. Dubblestandart - Kung Fu Fighting
  7. Noiseshaper - Bushmaster (KK Session Remix feat. MC Shureshock)
  8. Up, Bustle and Out - Cumbion Mountain
  9. Sista Gracy feat. Dr.Ring Ding - Shining Star
  10. Dubblestandart - This One Is about Flying
  11. M&M - Echo Beach (Groove Corporation Remix)
  12. The Slackers - Exploitation Dub
  13. Monosolar - Romaticize
  14. Wet Cookies - You Somehow (Dub Version)
  15. Jan Delay - Party Zu Ende Dub
  16. Bonus:
  17. Irie Révoltés - Rebelles (Viva Con Agua De Sankt Pauli Special)

Release Details

DATE : June 13, 2008
CATALOGUE : Echo Beach CD064
(16 tracks - 77 minutes playtime )

Various - Viva Con Agua De Sankt Pauli

June 13, 2008

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A compilation in aid of VIVA CON AGUA DE SANKT PAULI, a charity whose water projects and commitment to water aid projects have gained them nationwide recognition. Founded by Benny Adrian (a former professional footballer and player at FC. St. Pauli) while attending a training camp in Cuba, the charity's scope soon extended and now includes projects in Africa and Cuba. VCADSP works with the German food aid charity Welthungerhilfe and its main sponsor is the indomitable football team St. Pauli. In March, chancellor Angela Merkel presented the coveted award "Start Social 2007" to VCADSP and six other charities.

ECHO BEACH and Subdivision Künstler have put together a refreshing compilation - with proceeds going to providing access to clean water in the world's poorest countries. This excellent album not only benefits a good cause - its price code is an astonishingly tempting 5.- Euro in the shops…!

Includes music recorded and mixed in Kingston - Jamaica, Monterrey - Mexico, NYC - USA, London & Birmingham & Bristol - England, Paris - France, Zurich - Switzerland, Vienna - Austria, Hamburg & Bremen & Heidelberg - Germany, Sydney - Australia.